Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Miss Mimi Grounded?

Let us return to the shenanigans our favorite Air-Hostess, the divalicious Miss Mimi:

Since one of their planes flew into a tower in Manhattan's downtown, flight attendants for this particular airline have taken paycut after paycut, and have resorted to making up for that loss in other ways. As in, liberating the plane of some precious cargo. As in, spirits. Besides cheap travel, it's the only perk.

There's always a ringleader, and Crazy Dan tells me that party queen Miss Mimi was targeted in a recent raid. As she de-planed, Miss Mimi was "bag-checked" by airline security. In her possession, they found half of the galley. The following is a list of the inventory Miss Mimi was found carrying:

3 bottles of champagne
2 bottles white wine
1 bottle red wine
8 beers
2 glasses ("She doesn't drink out of plastic")
several assorted lemons and limes

Lemons and limes? Lemons and limes! The party was meant to be at Mimi's room that night and plus, "It was a long layover," Miss Mimi told Crazy Dan. "I needed to stock up!"

So what did Mimi tell the airline officials who found this treasure trove in her bags? How does a diva pull through under pressure? Miss Mimi spins a yarn.

"I was running after a passenger," she told security. "To to give it to him for being such a good customer." The authorities interrogated her. "All this? You were going to give all this to one passenger?"

"He had cancer," answered Mimi flatly.

Mimi has since been grounded and is weighing her options. "Is Johnny Cochran is available?" she asks Crazy Dan.

Crazy tells her not even Johnny Cochran can save her. "Nobody is going to believe you-- and cancer??" Miss Mimi dismisses him. "It's what I said," she waves a finger, "And I'm sticking to it."

Miss Mimi is currently under investigation.


Michael said...

Johnny definitely can't help her, he died back in 2005.

Bob said...

She must have been working First Class to get a haul like that.