Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lighten My Load

Australia's 50 cent coin. It may look little here.

In Australia, when I realize that what I'm paying for requires change of more than fifty cents, first I laugh a little because what's about to appear in my palm is pure comedy. It's actually as big as my palm, so after I have a little laugh, I frantically search my pockets and purse for correct change, anything not to receive another one of these rocks.

It may only worth 50 cents, but is so humongous and cumbersome that if you smelted it down it'd surely be worth a whole lot more than that. You could hang two of these things off the bar of a bench press and do dead lifts. And even though the cost of food here in Sydney is easily double the price of New York City (no kidding), I can't seem to relieve my overstretched, bulging wallet of these massive "coins."

I was out with a friend today who bought coffee and turned to ask me "Do you have fifty cents?"
I thankfully dig into my pocket. "How many can I give you?"

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