Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Promo Time!

A Four Letter Word opens tomorrow at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas!

This is a film by, for, and about the gay community. I hope if you're in NYC that you'll take the time this weekend to come out and support it! Advance tickets can be purchased online here.

Check out the trailer (conveniently located on the right side bar of this very blog!), and read some excerpts from recent press below. Click on the publication link to read the full reviews.

For the past year, I've been answering questions about my character, Luke. They ask the same questions in South Africa, Sydney, and Dayton, Ohio. So I was caught off guard when Mark Peikert of New York's HX magazine asked me something new and different. Was I channeling any Hollywood diva with Luke? I got a bit carried away in my response:
"Beyond Bette Davis' defiance, there's another screen icon that Archer pays homage to -- Rita Haworth, in GILDA. "He's not as high-class as Rita Hayworth," Archer says, "But he's a fun-loving floozy, a witty tease---and if you try to tame him, he's gonna run off to Montevideo and become a stripper."

Luke as Rita Haworth? He wishes! Read the full HX piece here.

One reviewer that really got what we were trying to say with this film was Kyle Buchanan in his review entitled "Relax, it's Just Sex." Read it in full in this month's Advocate.

Better at remembering body parts than faces, Luke (Jesse Archer) spends every New York minute on the prowl until he has a transformative encounter with a mysterious hunk named Stephen (Charlie David). Something about this sex was different, Luke insists: “I think we even looked each other in the eyes.” A drama queen who speaks exclusively in bons mots, Luke can deflect any oncoming relationship with a well-placed quip.

Straight romantic comedies tend to save their kiss for the final reel, but the modern gay rom-com is a different breed. In these films the leads have moved well beyond kissing by act 2, and “I love you” is an obstacle, not a goal. Love isn’t just a four-letter word, it’s a test -- and one that many gay men, including Luke, keep putting off. After all, why should they work at a relationship when casual encounters come so easily?

Here's a still from the film -- I'm having a fight with Charlie David. a four letter word!

From AXN magazine in Australia:

For Jesse Archer, portraying Luke, a promiscuous, unapologetic, in-your-face, ‘gay cliché’ in the film A Four Letter Word, was never going to be a problem. In fact, he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I felt it’s high time that we have a ‘gay cliché’ that discovers it’s okay to be just that,” Jesse tells AXN. “You don’t need to change yourself; just be yourself. All that, and you don’t have to die at the end. Imagine!”

“I wanted to follow the story of a slut and sort of humanise him a little bit,” Jesse says. “Make him more than just a punchline. Some people don’t get much more than that in a character like Luke, but for me it’s interesting to scratch a little beneath the surface, to read between the lines. We all have a truth to tell.”

And that's the gospel of Luke! If you are coming this weekend, I'll be at screenings on Friday (7:45 and 10:15), Saturday (7:45), and Sunday (5:15). I'll also be attending after parties each night. Friday at HK Lounge, Saturday at X/ES bar (featured in the film), and Sunday at Vlada.

Keep your ticket stub from any screening over the weekend and get a free V2 vodka drink at any of these parties. See you there!

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