Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Heading to a Sleazy Recovery

More pictures from Sydney's Mardi Gras: circuit party or circus? A combination of both, really.
My friend Lars from South Africa is here. Below, I share my gold sequins (if you're not sparkling....!) with him. On the dance floor, another queen had the nerve to ask if my flair was a wardrobe malfunction. Then of course he wanted to borrow it.

The real killer are the Mardi Gras "recovery" parties. Below is Toybox, held under the big top of Luna Park the day after Mardi Gras. I ran into a ton of friends from New York on the dance floor. The finale here is full of streamers, confetti, and a drag queen spinning from the rafters. See below and believe: Toybox is the best gay party in the world.

Yes, that is Maria Von Trapp they are watching in the Toybox chill-out room.
One of the great organizations that they have here in Sydney is ACON, dedicated to building the community's health and well-being. At Mardi Gras, they have "rangers" that walk around looking to make sure nobody has 'dropped' from an overdose, and taking care of those in danger. They don't judge, they don't condemn. They inform, and help.

In the USA you'll see signs like "Drug use will not be tolerated." Here, it's a bit like passing out condoms to the sexually active instead of professing abstinence-0nly. Get a glimpse of the ACON posters you see on the walls of the Mardi Gras parties.

I particularly love this one.

Never use GHB with alcohol. You will die!

A sleazy recovery just about sums it up.

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