Thursday, March 06, 2008

He OWNS Sexy.

Back in NYC, my friend JMP has a dog he named "Sexy." Nobody exactly knows why he would name a dog Sexy, especially since it's a flat-faced runt-ish breed. Our best collective guess is that he chose the name because when friends call, JMP can tell them: "I'm out... walking sexy."

Now JMP has planned a big long trip to France, and he can't imagine not taking Sexy with him. Unfortunately, the airline has posed a problem. They only allow dogs, sexy or not, to be carried on the aircraft if they weigh 9 pounds or less. Sexy weighs 12 pounds, so JMP has put her on a strict starvation diet.

3 pounds may not seem like a lot to me or you, but to supermodels like Sexy, it's 1/4 of her mass. According to a friend, Sexy is not taking this well. She's pekid and unwell, tired and depressed, and only down to 11 pounds!

"What's JMP going to do?" I ask.
"Last I heard," says the friend. "He now runs sexy."

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JPFreeman said...

I know nothing of trans-continental flights, and things may have changed since my pre-911 doggie-having days. Yet the first time I took my 25-pound boston terrier for a flight, I just lied. His carrier was airline approved; no one thought to weigh him. In fact, no one even checked to see that I paid for his passage either. There was nothing on my airline ticket or boarding pass that confirmed my transporting a pet. So, I never paid for "pet permission" again, and no one ever noticed.

The only issue was taking him out of the carrier at security, and walking him through the metal detector--yet there, no one was looking for a "pet pass" either, and why would they? That's not a direct affiliation with any particular airline. Making sure a passenger has paid pet permission is likey not their immediate concern. Your friend can probably get away with Sexy's extra weight.