Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Four Letter Word New York Premiere!

The New York Times says: With its breezy shots of male genitalia and characters nicknamed Long John and Tripod, A Four Letter Word is a surprisingly endearing romantic comedy that explores gay relationships with low-budget verve. Read the full NYT review here.

We opened lastnight and the entire cast, minus one, was there. Before the screening we were interviewed by Barry Z, who has his own television show. Somehow Barry Z managed to ask me variations of the same question at least fifteen times. (I needed that cocktail)

I love the poster behind. Mainly, I appreciate being a coming attraction.

Anita Private showed up in her new duds (Below). "If you're not sparkling, what are you doing?"

Below are some of the girls from the cross-dressers' screening. The blonde is Lady Clover Honey (she puts the "Lady" in her name so as not to be confused with the artificial sweetener). Clover appears in the film, as does Madeleine (far right). Madeleine claims to be the reincanation of a woman who thought she was the reincarnation of Cleopatra. I love that.

An excellent after-party at HK Lounge was sponsored by V2 vodka. At one point, Anita Private was heard exclaiming: "Did I die and go to heaven? Free vodka just keeps appearing!"

Anita had a harrowing end to her night when her taxi cab pulled over and the driver threw her on the ground, called her a fag, and demanded all her money.

"Then you'll have to kill me," answered Anita, "Do you have a gun?" The taxi driver then rummaged into her coat pockets until she hit him with her handbag and ran off into the night. Anita claims the attack was discrimination. "It was because of the way I was dressed!" she tells me. Hey, at least she got a free taxi ride.

My night ended (as usual) at the pizzeria. While devouring a cheese slice, I came face to face with a plaque of that cloying christian tale "Footprints in the sand"--where a believer asks god why there is only one set of footprints in the sand of their walk together? God answers, "My child, I was carrying you." In a pizzeria?

After the spiritual terrorism of my youth, I felt it my drunken duty to rid pizza places of religious propaganda. My child, I carried it off!

And woke up next to it.

To my credit (and not because I fear gnashing teeth) I just walked over and returned it. "I stole this lastnight," I told the pizza man and he says surprised, "That's the second time!"

Footprints are a hot item.


Bob said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for all of you and the great NY Times review.

Benjamin said...

hey so i just got back from seeing your movie, very well made, much better than slutty summer. you were HILARIOUS!! congratulations and best of luck in all your other future creative endeavor's!

Jesse said...

thank you Bob and Benjamin!

LouLou424 said...

pepperoni in the sand LMAO That plaque could look like a slice after having a few pink flamingos and tequila sunrise sunsets xoxo

Lucky Pierre said...

I love the shot of the plaque (especially what lies beneath).

Anonymous said...

wow... behing on reading your blog,,, congrats! I'm very happpy for you also,,, NY Times review.... you go Jesse!

stephen, az.