Friday, March 28, 2008

Fantasy Facilitator Miss Vera to meet Anita Private Tonight at 10:15!

I was mentioning to my friend Mike that we haven't seen his alter-ego Anita Private in quite some time. Imagine my shock, then, at a recent party. The door opens and who walks in but a vodka swigging, minty-green vision of Anita Private en flor. Glory hallelujah!

She found her new seafoam frock in the bargain bin at a local thrift shop and couldn't resist. You would think putting on a dress makes Anita more feminine, but she gets aggressive. When Cooldan drunkenly passed out on the bed, Anita sexually assaulted her dress and heels.

That ought to teach him to pass out at parties!

I am proud to announce Anita is making another rare public appearance tonight at the 10:15 screening of A Four Letter Word at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas --where dreams come true!

On a side note, Anita (as a man) makes his film debut in AFLW (as the "giveaway" at the sidewalk sale outside the club). Also appearing in the film are several notable drag darlings, and a drag bridal shower to boot. The 10:15 screening is dedicated to them and their admirers (everyone is welcome), and is being sponsored by Cross-Dressers International and "Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys who want to be Girls."

Miss Vera's is the world's first and only cross-dressing Academy! On her site, Miss Vera has courses to turn you into a Sudden Beauty, a Miracle Miss, or even a Dining Debutante. Her application form (or "Cross-Dressing Herstory") features questions like "How long have you been Cross Dressing?" And "Have you ever used the services of a fantasy facilitator to guide you through this process?" I cannot wait for 10:15 tonight!

Although Anita Private doesn't have the funds to become a "Sudden Beauty," she has bought a new frock, and will be found at home among the hens at the cinemas. God forbid she pounces.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Congrats to you and Casper on the very good review ("surprisingly endearing romantic comedy ...good natured raunchiness...") of A Four Letter Word in today's New York Times (!!!). Outstanding. Hope the movie gets wider distribution as a result, and you guys get lots more work. Sorry I can't be there for the screening and the celebration.

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks, Tony!

Dtown Sal said...

Have an amazing time at the screening! You should be elated!

If I lived closer I'd be there...any plans to screen in TO?
We have Inside Out Film Festival here.