Saturday, March 22, 2008

Digital Diva

My co-star in A Four Letter Word is the devastatingly handsome JR Rolley. He was also in Slutty Summer, playing the role of Derek in both films. Derek is as close to the perfect man as you can get, and JR is pretty close to perfect. We've been doing some promotions together and this guy is absolutely genuine.

I never wanted to do it with a cartoon until I saw him animated. The futuristic creation is the work of this digital artist. Hot.

JR will be showing his range playing the bad guy in the upcoming series Christopher Street.


Benjamin said...

I am sooo super excited about the premier of a four letter word...which showing time will you and Casper be doing the Q&A comments?

Jesse said...

Hey Benjamin,
The whole cast and casper will be doing q&a's after the 7:30 (ish) screenings next friday and saturday. Then I'll be at the Sunday 5:15 screening. Hope to see you there!