Sunday, March 09, 2008

Detergent-Free Water Feature

My friend Lars, (from South Africa) happened to be in Sydney at the same time as me and we've been able to spend lots of time together.
It's always fun for me to see new places through the eyes of people with differing perspectives. Like for example when Lars and I came upon this water fountain in Sydney's Hyde Park.

"Look at this water feature!" gasps Lars, pulling out his camera. As an American, I assume he's taking a picture of that immodestly nude warrior straddling a hot hairy beast. But Lars isn't focusing on the scrotum sack of iron dangling in the breeze. He doesn't even notice the statue. As an African, he's staring at the water.

"Can you believe it?" he says, admiring the fountain. "Nobody is doing their laundry!"

Lars is gobsmacked. In Africa, he reckons this one public fountain would be capable of handling (at least) forty loads of wash at any given time.

"But just look at Australia," he adds with flourish. "Not a soap sud in sight!"


mich lyon said...

of course, as a north american, i want to know why you didnt get a better picture of the "scrotum sack of iron dangling in the breeze" . . .

lwando said...

as a fellow South African I think Lars is an asshole!