Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Denim = Bad

I was flying on a stand-by ticket back to NYC, which allows me to fly business class. The only thing about stand-by is that you fly only if there's "space available" so the plane better not be full. You've also got to dress up because shabby-ass United Airlines needs all the class it can get.

So I dress up in a dress shirt and suit jacket, but the ticket agent sees my black pants are actually (gasp!) jeans. "You can't fly business in jeans," she says with the Australian accent that until now I thought adorable. "But look at my jacket!" I try to distract her.

"In Jeans, " she says, "You can only fly economy." Now, I always fly economy mind you. But...if you've ever flown across the pacific you know there is a big big difference between business and (cough) coach, so if you have a chance, you go balls out. I tell her that I've got a pair of "pants" in my carry-on. This is a lie. I'm actually running off to another (more style-minded) ticket clerk.

"Come back to me when you're changed," she says, "I'm holding your ticket here." Damn.

Luckily, the friend who dropped me off was still roaming the airport...and wearing khaki! I finally find him and bust out "I need.....your pants!" After a smooth switcheroo in the airport restroom, I looked much worse in the khaki, but it sure was worth it.

Back in NYC, jetlag is a very real thing. I look nothing like that chipper, evil-denim wearing, airbrushed-back-to-1987 person seen below on the A Four Letter Word poster now in Chelsea.

Casper Andreas has worked very hard to open A Four Letter Word in several cities, starting with NYC. We will open at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on 23rd street at 8th avenue on March 28th. I hope you will come see it!

The cast and director be attending a few screenings, and also hosting several film-related after-parties, my favorite being a sexual compulsives mixer (for sexual compulsives and their admirers)!

If you'd like more info on the theatrical opening and promotional events, send me an email and I'll be sure to spam you:


damedaxx said...

There's a smaller AFLW poster in Murray's Bagels on 22nd and 8th.

But they put the thumbnail through your face.

Anonymous said...

I saw a smaller AFLW poster in Factory Cafe on Christopher Street....HOT!!!!!!

Bob said...

I saw the some small posters of AFLW on Wilton Drive today. It's supposed to open at the GA(Y)teway Theatre in Ft. Lauderdale on May 9.