Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The BlackOut of 2003

One of the best times ever in New York City was in a blackout. Not my blackout, but a city-wide blackout back in the summer of 2003. Cell phones didn't work, and all you had were the people and places closest to you. Besides the days after September 11, it was the only time the city felt like a real community.

There were bonfires in Thompkins Square park, and everyone was outside. Amanda Lepore walked into the Cock that night on Avenue A wearing nothing but white pumps. That's it! I ran around the city with my friends, ending up at the Slide. The Slide (now extinct) was a bar on the Bowery, and all the interior was based on the original gay bar of 1890.

Daniel Nardicio of Dlist.com was there promoting the place with a "Gay Ride!" like a Hay Ride, but not. A pickup outside had bales of hay in it, and about fifteen of us from the bar piled in. Burlesque Queen *Bob* had a megaphone, and we drove around the block as she blared "Gay Ride! All aboard the Gay Ride!" until the police pulled us over. We quickly abandoned *Bob* and the gay ride, and raced back to the Slide.

During the blackout, there were no lights, only candles. Music leaked from a battery operated ghettoblaster. There was no electricity for the ice so the bartenders gave the drinks away for free. It was so incredibly hot that August and, without air conditioning, everyone just started peeling off their clothes and getting naked.

You see, the best time ever!

On the bar.

Me and Naridicio

Hot and Bothered

Anyone else remember the blackout?


Lee said...

You want me to write here so...

uhh Jesse just what are you doing in that picture?

(though i may have done something like that myself on more than one occasion in public)

Jesse said...

Probably you did it at my house? Or is this another Lee?

Lucky Pierre said...

I have to say, I loved the blackout. After narrowly missing getting on an elevator (I had run back to my desk for my cellphone just seconds before the lights went out) I walked down 18 flights, setting off alarms on nearly every floor. A week before I had moved from 99 & B'way to Inwood (190 St!!!) and since I was at work on 54th St. when it struck, I decided to walk to a friend's place on 34th. Spent the next three days there swilling warm vodka, and bonding with refugees from NJ who couldn't get home. It was truly grand. I've since moved back to SF, where I'm eagerly awaiting the next quake to relive that glorious New York moment!

Dtown Sal said...

Despite the rest of the city being in darkness, our house wasn't affected for some reason (totally weird). I would later hear about all of the fun parties in Kensington Market in TO those nights and it depressed me that I had moved back with my parents in St. Catharines.

That being said, I just posted my own NYC memory on my blog (the one and only time I made it to the big apple). Since then I have seen Shortbus and feel a need to go back.

lee (prinz) said...

Ah yes. Why do I keep forgetting about that?

See you Saturday.