Monday, March 17, 2008

Beware Falling Cranes!

This weekend a construction crane fell from the top of a site in Midtown. It's just so incredibly ludicrous that this thing (20 stories big) came crashing down, smashing three buildings, killing four people, and ultimately landing on a four-story townhouse -- pulverizing it.

They think a lady died in there, smashed to smithereens. She couldn't have known what hit her. Maybe a half a seconds warning before all is over. I'm imagine her there typing away at her computer, instant messaging a lover. Boom, gone. She's dead.

At last they dig through the rubble and find only her laptop. The screen blinks with an instant message pop-up window, from her lover.


"Where are you???"

Next IM:

"You said you'd be here in 5 minutes!"

Next IM:

"What? Did a crane fall on your house or something?"

1 comment:

damedaxx said...

Her name was Pru. Pru Lett. Whacked Hard. She left a Laptop.