Thursday, March 20, 2008

AFLW goes under the pink carpet

A Four Letter Word is coming to Chelsea Clearview Cinemas in NYC next friday, March 28! Please come! You can buy tickets pre-sale online here.

is a clip from last summer, when the film screened at Outfest. Featuring the fantastic duo of Lady Clover Honey (who appears in AFLW) and Tony Sawicki, "Under the Pink Carpet" features a newsy clip with footage from the film, and interviews with our cast and director.

Some highlights to watch out for:

My best friend, Cooldan, talking about the film: "The acting was amazing, everything was amazing." Thanks for that amazingly unbiased plug, Cooldan.

Casper Andreas giving the reason for so much full-frontal nudity in the film: "If you wanna earn the nickel, you gotta show the pickle"

Charlie David, on what it would take to see his penis: "I'll show full frontal for five seconds, at one million dollars a second. Let's talk about it."

Me, looking like I'm going to eat Tony, my interviewer: Note to (insufferable diva) self--look at your interviewer, not at the camera.

Margaret Echeverria, the redhead playing the fag hag, declaring: "I get to use my bosoms as an asset!!"

Incidentally, Margaret is the actress I want to play the fag hag in my next script.


damedaxx said...

How did you manage an action scene on the slippery stairs at David Barton Gym?

I feel like I'm taking my life in my hands every time I walk down that thing.

Jesse said...

It's true that staircase is precarious. But I found it much easier to go up than to go down. Which is unusual for me.

damedaxx said...

By the way, Margaret Echeverria's bossuum is quite impressive. I haven't seen a pair of knockers that big since Blanche Devereaux auditioned with Patrick Vaughn.