Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Wants to Feel GAY?

They say when emotions run too high for mere speech, we resort to song. And when emotions run too high for song, there's dance. When you've got it put those two together, you've got gay. When I say gay, I am of course referring to happy.

In honor of feeling gay, let me present my runner up for GAYEST VIDEO ON THE WEB.

This clip will make you smile, make you tingle, make you feel something very very gay.

These are the lyrics, as sung by Alison Jiear in the kick-ass clip below (musical montage mania!):

“I’m tired of laughing and I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of failing and I’m tired of always trying. I want to do some living because I’ve done enough of dying. I just want to dance, I just want to …f'ing dance!”

Because I'm appalled that studio legends like Cyd Charisse and Ann Miller failed to appear in that last clip, I now present: THE GAYEST VIDEO ON THE WEB!

It disappeared on Youtube for a while, but I'm thrilled to find it's resurfaced on Yahoo. Each time Ann twirls back to into the kitchen, I fear she'll be smashed, and each time she just bearly makes it. Gets me every time.

Bam Bam is really sick of this one. I keep rewinding it to the part where Ann rips off that apron and smiles from ear to ear. I play it long, I play it often. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, you are definitely not gay.

Why do you have to make a big production out of everything? Ha! I want this one played at my funeral. Click For a pic of me with Ann (before her funeral).


Dame Daxx said...

In the rehearsals, Ann kept bashing into the cupboards and their contents would collapse on top of her, covering her in flour.

She liked the look so much that face flour became her make-up staple.

JP Freeman said...

maybe I'm not gay anymore. All I kept thinking was that the tapping noises were moving faster than her feet were. Her tap dancing was dubbed!

Bob said...

I remember when the commercial came out. I thought it was a Campbell's commercial. It was my first experience of camp although I didn't know that word. My mother explained to me who Ann Miller was.

Willo said...

OMG. Love this.