Tuesday, February 05, 2008

White-Eyed Girl

Just yesterday my friend Francis told me (unsolicited, mind you) how he got his ass shaved for the very first time in his life. He was very frightened, but he overcame those fears to please his boyfriend who says his bum now reminds him of a soft and lovely...lilypad.

If that's not enough--my friend Scott just today sent me the link from Daily Candy to a product that promises to lighten up your...lilypad.

That's right-- discover "Bunglow 8" --the cream that bleaches your asshole...so it'll blend in with your natural skin tone. Now you can safely and easily lighten that spot where the sun could very well shine. It's all the rage in Miami.

No word yet on whether the line will add assorted other Bunglow hues in the future. If and when this happens, you'll where to look.


Steven said...

A lilly pad? The top, or bottom side?

chad said...

Well, Francis, just you wait until it starts to grow in...Goodbye lily pad...hello cactus!!!

Try sugaring next time. With shaving, the hair is cut off bluntly- that's why it itches like crazy. With sugaring, the hair will grow back with a fine tip, so no itching or ittiration OR ingrown hairs.

Anonymous said...

sugaring? tell me more! I was salavating with the bleached hole... lol...