Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Go by Rail!

Here in the Mile High City--(make that a mile and 8 stories high)--after a very long night. On the JetBlue flight, we were alerted not to eat any peanut products because someone was severely allergic. Like what, she'll swell up and die if she smells a peanut on my breath?

The flight was not without its drama, as someone else nearly died (an old man, not peanut related) and an announcement was made: "Is there a medical professional on the plane?" At which point our flight attendant Barbara bravely abandoned her tray of blue potato chips and ran down the aisle with a stethescope. Talk about turbulence!

At the baggage carousel, one of our bags (with equipment) went missing and then when we get to the Hertz rent-a-car they won't let us rent-a-car because the person with the license doesn't have a credit card and the person with a credit card doesn't have a license. Moving on...

Two of the Playgirl staff were smart enough to find an alternate route to Colorado: Amtrak. With air travel in such a state, the scenic route has become the most efficient. Not only that, they tell us there's actually cell phone service in Iowa! Who knew?

Of course, it's always about the journey not the destination.

This powdery photo was snapped enroute.


Bob said...

Safe journeys and happy St. Valentine's Day, Jesse!

(Although I much prefer St. Sebastian - a military man, stripped of his clothing, tied to a post, and shot through with arrows. What's not to like?)

Dame Daxx said...

The pic of the train is ironic, because the former CEO of CSX Railroads was Jon SNOW, the ex-Treasury Sec.

Seque to a Mae West quote:

"I used to be Snow White, but I drifted."

JP Freeman said...

The jealously I have for your circle jerk blogging job is antagonizing me to tears. Since I can no longer afford to ride the coke express, I'm eating my third grilled cheese sandwich in hopes to dull the pain--it's working, somewhat.

And it's swiss, if you must know.

Dame Daxx said...

We haven't heard from Jesse since he arrived in the Mile High City. Did he.....fall off?

Bob said...

It's got to be all the cowboys. Nothing like being in a town with Bat Masterson look-a-likes.

Jesse Archer said...

Sorry I've been incommnicado. Hanging out with 7 naked straight men has been...exhausting! Promise to post monday. xoxo jesse