Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bunk House

The second day of our Playgirl photo shoot took us up to Breckenridge to the Bunkhouse Lodge, which is a gay B&B cabin, built in 1904. It's got cubbyholes, crawlspaces, and tons of Rocky Moutain charm including: an antler chandelier, fireplace, and a treasure trove of...things.

The coyote on the wall was roadkill, explained the owner. He scooped it off the street and had it stuffed (at cost!)

What's going on here? Goldilocks has found the hard bed. Or is that hard on the bed? We had 7 straight guys on the shoot. Between them all, they possess arrest records, assault charges and restraining orders, but they also (without a doubt) all possess hearts of gold.

Bunkhouse guests were shocked and amused when they returned from a day of skiing to find a hot tub full of boy soup.

After discovering a dead grizzly upstairs, I decided to add some high-camp to the bunkhouse.
Who can resist high altitude nudity...on a bearskin rug?


Steven said...

Cute and coy.

Robin said...

Bare on bear - how cute! It is good to enjoy one's job.

Dame Daxx said...

What's happening off to the left that the guys in the pool are watching?

Has Jesse arrived down wearing his vintage Esther Williams one piece?

Anonymous said...

What's a little restraining order between friends?

Tony said...

So, you've taken to humping bears now.
Cute, um ... picture.

Hardy said...

Does anyone know what happened to the Bunkhouse Lodge? I have had some great times there but now their website is down.