Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Xanadu on Broadway (seriously)

So much good press has come around about Xanadu on Broadway that I had to check it out. I wasn't too happy either, because when it opened there were all sorts of promotions ("dress in 80's costume and get in for $10!") which I viewed as a desperate attempt to see what was sure to be a disaster (anyone seen the movie? Hello!)

Then the reviews came in, and (poof!) the promotions disappeared. It's a hit. In essence, Xanadu is just a pastiche of pop culture reference, street smart one-liners, and urban legend in a story nearly as flimsy as Mamma Mia (Mamma Mia, however, I wouldn't wish on anyone). The difference is, Xanadu spoofs itself.

So--it's fun. Mainly because it's short. Or was that Cheyenne Jackson's short shorts? He's not only a sexy figure on stage, he seems a great out gay role model. If I read about him on a blog, it's always positive--and blog readers don't bite, stab and skewer him either. Gays love to eat their own, but Mr. Jackson seems to be above it all. May he stay there.

Talking about the show at a bar the other night, I met a friend of his. I had to ask: is he single? Nope. She said he has a boyfriend. So why isn't that little factoid in his publicity materials?

Is it because you're supposed to think that maybe, just maybe, with 8 shows a week and a lab/rottweiler named Zora, all that's missing in his life is...you?

Boyfriends kinda crush the fantasy.

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Nick said...

As we always used to say, even boyfriends get hit by buses. Don't let drunk girl in a bar distract you from the prize.