Thursday, January 10, 2008

TJ Maxx courts gay dollar

What the hell are they advertising at TJ Maxx?

My friend PETA Dan felt right at home once he found this advertisement mixed in with the designer bargains at his local TJ Maxx in Virginia.

About that moody model in the middle--what's he longing to prove? Versatility?

Since the dire shortage of active tops has become a worrisome pandemic in big cities like New York, I'm thrilled to see the racks are full (size large!) down in Virginia.


ZEREN said...

LOL!!! This is REALLY funny

Nick said...

What I wouldn't do for a rack full of active bottoms.

Webster said...

Yes, more active bottoms! Do I have to go to New York to find them?

Stenar said...

Practically everyone in SLC is a bottom. Plenty of them here.