Monday, January 14, 2008

Ships Passing in the NIght

New York City is still the star--despite the once-in-a-lifetime event happening just off Battery Park. Bam Bam and I went downtown lastnight to glimpse the 3 most famous luxury liners in the world line up on a rainy night in New York harbor.

The Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and the Queen Elizabeth 2 were gathered together for the very first time, and the very last time ever. The QE 2 set sail on her last voyage--she is fated to become a floating hotel off the United Arab Emirates (as a queen, I'd prefer being sunk or scrapped!)

As the ships gathered beside the statue of liberty, fireworks exploded in the dark skies above. They glittered and twinkled in ways I've never seen--then again, the fireworks were sponsored by Gucci (seriously). Sadly, not many saw the sparkle. There were only about three of us at the bow of the Staten Island Ferry.

Through sheets of rain, one old man kept saying, "It's a historic event!" "This will never happen again!" And he was about the only one that cared.
There they go: led by the QM 2, three queens head out of new york harbor. (Statue of LIberty far right) A lonely departure compared to the frenzied fanfare two of these ships received when I was with them in Sydney Harbour last year (below)

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Dop said...

Americans just don't know how to appreciate group of queens - I guess we need to appreciate ourselves. Fireworks by Gucci? Has there ever been a gayer night in NYC, metaphorically speaking.