Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where have all the junkies gone?

The East Village used to be littered with heroin junkies. They amuse me greatly.

Gentrification has swept them all away. Well, not all.

On the N train yesterday, a woman enters with a container of ice cream: vanilla with red raspberry sauce all over it. I smile at her. "Happy Holidays," she says to me, drowsylike.

When they greet you on the subway, something is up.

The woman sits down and immediately nods off. Her ice cream tips, nearly falling onto the floor of the subway car. She practically falls onto the floor she's leaning so impossibly far forward. Somehow, she doesn't.

Minutes later, she rights herself, and begins to slowly, woozily lick at her ice cream. Then she falls into another nod. Down, down, down she sinks...

The ice cream plops onto the floor, kerplunk! but she still holds onto the container. Raspberry goo falls out and drizzles all over the spilled vanilla. It looks like blood. A minute later she wakes up and notices the spilled ice cream.

"Oh shit," she mumbles and slowly she bobs down trying to scoop it back into the container, but whoa. She's overtaken by another nod.

Down, down, down she goes. So deep, so lovely.


Dtown Sal said...

"my dad told me that Guiliani sent them all to Jersey..."

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rudy Guiliani!

Slim Jim said...

There's still a few of us here. Sometimes we have this same discussion amongst the, yes, seemingly fewer than in the past. Some say they have selected different drugs of choice. I think for some reason it is temporarily not as cool as say in the early 90's. It is not as easy to buy dope on the street, but trust me it is there. I hope h makes a comeback because maybe the price will go down and there would be more new people to hang out with on that level. Although there are definitely enough of us surprisingly, but we are careful. Lastly, I also think we are in a period where there seem to be a lot of false conceptions of heroin widely dispelled by various popular sources who pretend to be genuine and people seem to buy into anything they read or see on youtube. Even your nice little blurb here feeds certain stereotypes which only encompass a small percentage of junkies. I have a good job and am athletic despite being on dope for five years straight. Drugs only magnify who you were before you started them.

Anonymous said...

There are still plenty around but with technology (cell phones especially)the old school dope spots cease to exist. People get it delivered now. With no more dope spots there are no longer scores of junkies hanging out in the park waiting for one to open or re-up, or bag up. You make a call and it comes to your door.