Monday, December 31, 2007

Rock a Bye Baby, it's 2008

A mother is showing off her newborn baby. I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl; the thing is so small, bundled up in its portable cradle. The baby is asleep, slightly smiling, eyes flickering beneath the lids. Dreaming.

What kind of experience could an infant child possibly have to dream about?

I want to get in there and find out. If we could only get in there to study and discover what that baby is dreaming about we may remember truth, the time before human programming.

If this baby could wake up and speak, I imagine he'd describe his dreams as a peaceful blend of buddhist nirvana and the supernatural; something totally devoid of division.

This is out of character because I don't even like babies, but looking at this one I want to trade places. To be there where he lives. In that place connected and whole.

The dream of primordial consciousness. It's my preposterous wish for a new year.


JPFreeman said...

I'm not a New Year fan. Every NYE at midnight, I'm forced to remember how much I have yet to accomplish, and how stagnant my life seems despite that odd and awkward paradox of age: I'm getting older and yet my life isn't moving forward!

Then, I go for my NYE kiss and find that there's no one around to kiss me--Oh right, I'm single too.

Some people cheer at midnight on New Year's Eve. I cry. :(

yet another black guy said...

Happy New Year, thanks for all the humorous stories and fun filled adventures you share with us!

Dtown Sal said...

That baby isn't dreaming, it's closing its eyes to shield itself from the misery that surrounds it!

It's pretending to sleep when really it's determining why in hell he/she was plucked from the safety of his/her mother's warm womb and how he/she will survive the next 75-90 years on this god forsaken planet.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

New York City Diary said...

That is an AMAZING wish. And I wish it for you, fully and deeply.
Happy New Year!
Can't wait to see what you do this year.