Friday, December 21, 2007

Jesse's X-Mas Wish List

The holidays are here and I'm staying put. It's just me and a few christmas orphans left in the city. Oh yeah, and all those maddening tourists. It's a holly jolly time of year here, and if you aren't quite done shopping, here are a few pleas, er, ideas:

Today is the last full day to order You Can Run from Amazon and still get it in your stocking by Christmas Eve. YOU CAN get my amazon numbers back up!

For under the tree, I now present:

Jesseonthebrink's CHRISTMAS LIST 2007. Maybe you can help out?

1) on the real and actual brink:
Donate generously to the Ali Forney Center. Named after a gay teen who lived and died on the streets of New York City, the Ali Forney Center is dedicated to helping GLBT homeless youth who face violence on the streets, and in regular homeless shelters. This center provides housing, and assistance in putting their lives back together. I'm going to be volunteering for this worthwhile organization in 2008.

2) on the selfish brink:
I desperately need a ticket to Sydney, Australia from mid-february to early-march 2008. My film is playing at their Mardi Gras festival! It's Bam Bam's mother's 80th birthday! Got any spare miles? Or, you could always donate airfare to the sparkle...

3) on the brink of a dream:
I'm looking for work as a writer. Ideally, writing stuff that I can also act in. Scriptwriter for a television series? A gay gross out comedy? Hollywood needs writers and I'm not in any union. Strike? What strike? Contract me as your SCAB. As far as four-letter-words go, I've been called worse.


JP Freeman said...

Do you need a logo hook-up for pitching? I'm sure I can still arrange that if you like?

Anonymous said...


I hope you and Bam Bam have a happy and safe Christmas! My wish for you is that you have a happy, healthy and properous 2008!

xoxo your friend Jimmy