Monday, December 10, 2007

It All Makes Sense

The Strap-On Veterans for Truth have recently revealed that Ann Coulter is actually a former drag queen from Key West named Pudenda Shenanigans.

Born Jeremy Levinsohn, the conservative polemicist was once a fixture in Florida gay nightlife. Known for his signature, virtuoso performance of "Dude, Looks Like A Lady," Pudenda Shenanigans suddenly disappeared from the scene, only recently resurfacing as the person we know today as Ann Coulter.

For confirmation, please note the presence of Jeremy's vestigial Adam's Apple in unretouched photos. For a fascinating insight into a leading feminist who...hates feminists (gays and muslims, too) read the Strap-On Veterans for Truth investigative report.

They miss you in Key West, Pudenda.


Anonymous said...

Come on, Jesse!

That's not an adams apple, but this is hype. The woman has hardly any fat on her.

Bob said...

The sure test would be to try to milk her. If she produces mother's milk, she's a real female (still a nasty bitch, but a real female).

If, as I think likely, sour cream comes out those jugs she's a drag queen.

gefilte said...

It's true, I saw her in Key West in 87, she was fantastic!