Sunday, December 02, 2007

First Snow

The first snow of the winter hits New York City today. It's pretty and white until tomorrow when will all turns to slush.

The East Village this morning.


Bambam said...

A panoramic shot that I took this morning:

Bob said...

I guess it's not the best time to say I've just come back from a holiday party by the pool at my condo. 75 degrees, a very light breeze, good food.

But the snow LOOKS pretty.

Bob said...

Frig, Bambam, the pics are incredible.

Tony said...

Hey Bam -
Lovely pictures. Nothing like a fresh snowfall in Manhattan, even if it does turn to slush the next day.
Snow seems to bring out the real beauty of the place - your shot of a quiet, snowy, Sunday morning street does that especially well.
Some years ago, I was in town for the weekend with a bunch of friends from NC. We were staying at the old Elysee in mid-town, and woke up on Sunday morning to find about four inches of snow on the ground. We got dressed as fast as we could, and dashed out to Park Ave, laughing, throwing snow-balls, and running along the deserted avenue through the still falling snow. Exhilarated, we all tumbled into a coffee shop to warm up. It was a great day.
Thanks for bringing the memory back.

Anonymous said...

Bam Bam Baby

yet another black guy said...

beautiful pic