Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Fabulous Fire Hazard

I had a christmas tree in New York for the very first time this year. Bam Bam set it up, and we threw a party. Everyone who came had to bring or make an ornament. The tree is garish and gaudy and totally fantastic.

Crazy Dan contributed this gorgeous blue glittering elk.

"I saw it and thought of you," he said. "I elk wearing a feather boa?"

Soon after the party, the tree became dry and brittle. Was it out of water? I looked and discovered it never had water. Bam Bam didn't know you were supposed to give it water.

"Would you put cut flowers in a vase without water?" I ask him.

"I'm Australian," he says, aloof. "We don't have christmas trees." Maybe due to drought?

As you may recall, Bam Bam thinks water is a mysterious elixir.

I'm gonna let it slide. The tree hasn't caught fire quite yet. And the elk in a boa looks fabulous.

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Anonymous said...

this is really a cute story - and the kind that christmas lore are made of. of course, it's probably a good idea not to smoke in the apartment, or use any electricit until the tree comes down. ;-)