Wednesday, December 12, 2007

David Barton Toy Drive 2007

Legendary nightlife queen Suzanne Barscht's held her annual toy drive at David Barton gym lastnight. They swept aside all the stairmasters, treadmills and ellipticals (where did they put them?), set up go-go boxes and two open bars. What a party. All you needed was a toy donation to get in.

I re-gifted a "Desperate Housewives" video game CD-Rom. On the back was a parental warning: contains profanity and scenes of explicit violence. I wasn't too worried about it, figuring not too many children at St. Jude's own a personal computer to play a CD Rom. Totally hopeless donation. They let me in anyway.

For once, we went early. Hello, Free entrance + open bar = mob scene. When they shut down the bars early because of over-capacity, the line outside went around the block.

I spotted a shimmering Amanda Lepore, Blondie, and Marc Jacobs (celebrity pics here). Oh, and the best looking part: all of Chelsea.

As a stranger told me, "Everyone from is here!" And clothed!


Dtown Sal said...

One of my dreams is to be at the same party that Debbie Harry is at.

Chad said...

Glad you could re-gift the video game- the very same one you tried to give ME on my birthday!!!

billie said...

Hey, Jesse,
Next time, let me make it easy for you to bring a great toy that a kid would benefit from. You can shop with me online for fun, educational toys at If you're feeling energetic you can swing by my place in Gramercy Park and pick up a few things.