Sunday, December 30, 2007

Anita Clue

After the gay pride march, my friend Mike likes to go to the Pier Dance in full drag. It started the year she showed up to our military gay pride march as "Anita Private"...following the march, his friends refused to let him change out of drag--and took him to the Pier Dance.

Now it's tradition. This year, as "Anita Seatbelt" (Lady Di), Anita wowed em again at the Pier Dance. (Anita was good enough to remove the steering wheel that hung from her neck during the parade).

Here she is with Bam, Me and Paul. At one point, Paul was asked by a potential hook up..."Is she your boyfriend?"

No. But as the only drag queen at the muscle mary Pier Dance, Anita gets away with it all. She flirts, pinches, and spanks. And drinks far too much beer.

Late in the night, Anita pulled out some green wire LCD lights from her purse. (What for? Nobody knows) After several beers they ended on her head, with the cockeyed crown and fallen wig. I took this picture, which we've determined will be the front cover of her tell-all memoirs.

Anita Private's autobiography is tentatively titled "They're not laughing with me"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

and yet even with the crown askew, and the tangle of green wirees, there's a certain majesty about Anita that no beers can diminish.

let's hope the auto-bio does well!

you go, Anita