Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I just swapped a South African summer for soggy wet winter. On the way back from Capetown, I stopped over in London for a night to stay with a friend who lives there. One night is all I could afford, really, with the US dollar gunning for the Mexican peso.

The exchange rate now is 2.2 dollars to 1 British pound.

My friend took me to Harrod's where he insisted I have one of their famous HOT CHOCOLATES: the perfect antidote to the frigid London fog. Great idea.

Harrod's hot chocolate is so famous it cost 11 pounds. Wait a second. That's $25.

Harrod's famous hot chocolate didn't happen.


chad said...

Ya know, there is now one of those right near you!!! Let's go- I have been wanting one for the longest time.


gatsby said...

Harrod's hot coco best be comin' in a Gucci mug with a Fendi logo in whip-cream for that price...

Dtown Sal said...

When I was in London in 2003 I offered to buy my two English friends dinner at a great little Chinese Restaurant. It cost 50 pounds, which they thought was reasonable for Chinese...I agreed...until I remembered the exchange rate. $110.00 for chicken balls, fried rice, some sweet n sour chicken and black bean something-or-other!!!!

yet another black guy said...

i just ordered some records from a british store and nearly pissed myself once the receipt came back with the conversion rate amount. come to think about it, i did piss myself. off.