Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sparkling Laura

It's only an hour and a half away, it's filled to the brim with history (and now King Tut!) and yet--when do I ever get to Philadelphia? I need to go more often, but if I do, I won't be treated like the Queen I was this past weekend.

Festival Director Rosemary Connors introduces me and producer Markus Goetze.

(note the shameless plug: I'm holding my book).

A Four Letter Word opened the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival last week!At the after-party, I met honorary Philly mayor (and my sparkling new best friend) Laura who told me there was way too much gay sex in the film. "I get upset when I see people having sex that aren't me."

Laura did, however, appreciate the film's one-liners. While I was doing an interview with Philly Gay Calendar hottie Steve ("How do you suck dick and not smudge your lipstick?" was just one of his tantalizing questions), Laura came over and used one of Luke's pick-up lines from the film. "Lose a button, make a friend," she said, undoing one of my buttons.

Then she undid another button, "Lose a button, make another friend," she said. Hey, that wasn't in the film! That Laura kept going until there were no more friends to be had, leaving me undressed in the middle of a fancy party. I didn't really fight her off. I was in character. When am I not?

Laura undresses me for a not-so-rare public appearance by my right nipple (from the cover of my book).

To the anonymous reader that told me to get a haircut: happy now?

Laura later came up with her own line. "About once a year I sleep with a gay boy." What does that mean? Why are you looking at me like that? I'm sober!

Laura lives in Philly---but in the morning, I saw her in my hotel lobby wearing the same outfit as the night before. "Don't ask what happened!" she says. "Was it with a gay boy?" I ask and she beams. "A 21 year old!"

So I'm still not sure if Laura was with a gay boy, or if she is a gay boy.


jason said...

I talked to Laura yesterday. I'm under the impression he was gay.

Nate and Kevin said...

dear jesse.
so nice meeting you dear....and now i know why no cocktails in your hand.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jesse,,not sure you needed a haircut,, ( wasn't me that told you) but you look hot, either way!,,,very butch with the dark hair! A lot to live up too... LOL!. stephen ( scottsdale)

mich lyon said...

i thought you were going to leave marykate and ashly undercover? perhaps you should wear pasties to events where your nipples might be exposed?

mich lyon said...
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Steve said...

Always nice to be referred to as "Hottie Steve" but now I know how to give a blowjob without smudging my lipstick - a difficult skill to master - thanks Jesse!

Lwando said...

ooohh look at your hair cut! I agree with anonymouse here who has said that it makes you look butch. Don't worry, I am not getting any ideas! Lol!

Anonymous said...

yes, thank you jessie, you are totally fabulous again, the big hair just took away from your deliciousness..kudos!