Friday, July 13, 2007


I did an online interview recently, and let me tell you it was very surreal talking about Fire Island Survivor weekend as if it were something actually newsworthy, but Queersighted columnist Sanford Marcus made it all so easy. Read it here.

Speaking of Survivor Weekend, I'd like to thank Niel at Beach Walk, and Steve at Beach Hill for offering showers. Additional thanks go out to Tom for the T, Olivier for the G, and Brian for the X, Y and Z.

All this generosity got me thinking: something's got to give! I decided to exercise be healthy for a minute. So, I'm giving up drugs and alcohol for a whole month. A self-ordered hiatus. Call it gay lent. Until August 5th, I am officially on the wagon.

I know, scary.

The only thing scarier than sobriety is:

It's been 7 days, and every one of those days I would have had a drink. Situations just arose where I had to (gasp!) say no: socializing at the bar, at restaurants, out with a friend who carries Svedka Vodka in his man-purse. I would have had a drink 7 out of 7 days. Who does that?

"Everyone in New York," said a friend, nonplussed.


Eddie said...

I drink everyday. What are you saying???

Lwando said...

Ok! You are strong! I don't know if I can hold it for that long. I don't drink seven days a week so maybe I should shut up. But one thing's for sure sobriety is over-rated! Your friend that carries Vodka is his "murse" (man-purse)has got the right idea. I will think of staying away when I go for 7 days a week too! But For now honey, I will drink and be merry!

AWayne said...

Drinking that much is horrible for your body. A dry month is a good goal but you'll see that as you continue getting older less frequent is good. I at once every two weeks now and I still hate the few days after the "fun" night. Don't damage the organs you'll need to keep living another 40+ sparkling years!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
I stopped drinking to lose my "gut". The trick is to still be yourself(ok, your sober self).
I still go out to the bars. The one thing I didn't want to begun is a bitter person who looks down on people for drinking and never goes out.
Let your friend get drunk, and be happy for them.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you can do it. I agree with awayne. I want to read your columns even when your old, but still sparkling. Let me tell you also every friend of mine that is heavy partier into their 40s have gone down hill fast in the looks department compared to the moderate drinkers. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.