Monday, July 30, 2007

My Priorities

Looking at the labels of my blog posts, the top two (tied at 18!) are "Nightlife" and "Travel." Hard evidence to refute, but why would I refute? I get around, and I party.

On Thursday, I did both. I followed through on a premeditated plan to dive off the wagon and drink (for one night only!) at our "Housecooling" party (which, as one might imagine) - is the opposite of a housewarming party. Neighbor Dan and I live on Avenue D, but we're moving. Onward. Time to go. We got our friends together for one last blowout bash at the 4th floor walk-up we've come to call home. To each guest, we gave a parting piece of our infamous Avenue D apartment.

Among the parsed out booty: Dan Mathews ripped a sconce off the wall, Paul got the framed nude pic of Tony Danza (hot!), Anita nabbed two afro wigs, Vincenzo got a life-preserver, and Harrison made off with the 8 foot tall mirror.

My furniture goes back where I found it--the streets of New York.

Afterward, a few of us hoofed it to Eastern Bloc (me, crazy Dan, neighbor Dan, and Stefano's torso)

Shirts came off, and pole dancing began.

"Is this a normal Thursday night for you guys?" asked one bar patron, visiting from Philadelphia.

Why yes, it is.

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Javier said...

I love that nude Tony Danza. I'm going to have to visit this Paul person and pay homage to naked Tony sometime.