Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Daniel Nardicio is a party promoter with a knack for originality. He recently bought a schoolbus, which he's filling with drag queens and driving around the country as a reality show picking up go-go boys from the far reaches of our fifty states. He has a website, the "dlist" which keeps getting bigger and better, and he also hosts a dlist radio show weekly at the Rapture Cafe on Avenue A. I went there recently to see Mini-Britney.

Bob and Daniel ask Mini-Britney if she prefers to be called a little person? A midget? A dwarf?
"I prefer to be called Terra," she says. Bah-dah-bum.

Daniel and burlesque beauty "the world famous *Bob*" were preparing to interview a little person named Terra who performs Britney Spears videos, and calls herself "mini-Britney." She struts into the cafe wearing a neck to ankle red pvc skintight bodysuit, with a booming backside. On her website (minibrintneyspears.com), she's referred to as "mini-diva, mega-booty."

My friend Dan is outside smoking when all four feet of her stroll inside. A stranger smoking beside him says watches her enter and says, "That is just wrong."
"Don't be mean," says Dan. "She was born that way."
The kid beside him says, "She wasn't born in a red catsuit!"

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