Thursday, July 26, 2007

If I were a girl...

Many things have changed about Los Angeles since I lived there. The old Mayfair market is now an upscale Gelsons. The Sports Connection aka the Love Connection is now a 24 Fitness, and the cruising grounds around Harper street behind "Vaseline Alley" aren't quite as cruisy since the internet has taken over.

Changes aside, the essence of Los Angeles will never change. I found her in the Crunch gym on Sunset Boulevard.

Despite perfect weather, people would rather run on the treadmill than do it outdoors. This is probably due to the eye candy. The hard bodies here have only a rival in South Beach, Miami. I peeked in on a step class. Other cities have moved on to Pilates and Tae-Bo, but L.A. figures if it ain't broke don't fix it. Los Angeles is still stuck on effective staples like spinning and step. And that's where she was.

A tall blonde, performing a step aerobics class. There's something she really wearing 7 inch black stiletto platforms?!? Yes she is.

I stood there gawking in a beautiful mix of shock and awe.

I had to speak to someone about it, so I comment to the gym bunny beside me. He responds dinsintersted. "First time here?" "Yeah," I admit. "Cause she's been doing that about ten years now." I ran to get my camera because who would believe me?

Sparkle, LA girl, sparkle!

My workout is over. I can't take my eyes off this chick. "She used to teach the stripper class," says the gym bunny to me, and now it's official. I'm smitten.


Anonymous said...

that's what bad ass chick!

Urban Fag Ennui said...

I used to go to Karen Voight's aerobic dance palace on La Cienega and San Vicente. There was a woman in the front row like that. I think her name was Blaine. On the day of the Northridge quake in 1994, she and I were the only ones who showed up to class. If your girl has been going to Crunch for 10 years, she very well could have been going to Voight prior to that. I wonder if it is her??

Anonymous said...

those platforms. that hair. looks like stevie nicks doing a step class. ;)