Monday, July 02, 2007

Church Basement

My birthday was a full moon, so you knew it was gonna be spooky! Survivor Weekend on Fire Island began great--with free tix to the Bay Dance (thanks SPR), and the grand opening of the dance club. Pavilion's is the big dance ticket on the island, and this year was renovated, completely transformed...into a giant shoebox. No mezzanine, no levels, just a tall, white rectangle with some neon colored lights ripped off from the old XL bar in Chelsea. In fact, Pavilion feels now like it is in Chelsea, or Peoria, or Orange County, California. Why not?

You'd never know you were near the sea, there is nothing reminiscent of Fire Island; they did absolutely zero to incoporate the environment into the design. It's a giant windowfree fortress that also houses (get this!) a Citarella Gourmet food store. Gagmewithaspoon.

Gays are really good about giving credit (and kudos) where credit is due. However, we are most talented when it comes to ripping apart a hairdo, an outfit, or a hideously utilitarian club design. My friend Victor said:
"It's the Conference Room at the Sheraton hotel."
Another gay answers, "Yeah, the airport Sheraton."
Someone else says, "The airport Sheraton in Newark, New Jersey."

Next day at the beach, the gays were still tearing it apart. The Airport Sheraton Conference Room was too complicated for such a banal piece of property. "It's like a church basement," said one, "I'm not even calling it "Pavilion" anymore," he finished and all agreed. "From now's the church basement."

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Anonymous said...

The Church basement on Fire Island will be great for when Avalon shuts down. I can still tell my parents I go to church on Sunday!