Tuesday, June 12, 2007

World Travelers Unite!

Jesse & Cooldan, 2006

Fire Island: Survivor Weekend begins something like this.

I ripped on Fire Island Pines in this month's OUT magazine column. I'm sure it'll get some kind of backlash, but who can argue the truth? Fire Island is a homo-heaven, but if you don't qualify with a timeshare, then forget about it. Unless...

Cooldan and I voted ourselves onto the island with Survivor Weekend. We go homeless on the beach one weekend each year, reclaiming it for world travelers everywhere. As you can see (below) it always ends up a little less exciting than it began.

Under the Boardwalk:

Survivor weekend ends something like this:
(barely) surviving.

So far, in response to the column (read it here) several strangers have vowed to join us this July. Are they serious? Do they have what it takes? Only time and the sand flies will tell.


Michael said...

I loved your article on Fire Island in this months OUT issue. It gives me hope that I can make it there one of these days.

DatingDiaryNYC said...

Love the Argentine 3rd World Boyfriend Story. Hilarious.
I love how you inter-weave history with entertainment.
Can't wait to read "You Can Run!"

scott said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your article this month!

niko said...

As I was reading your article this month I thought you are joking. What a "bliss" to sleep outdoors, poor guys! Now that I am looking at that picture it looks fun.

Jeff and Josh said...

I'm in - blog about when you're going and where to "meet" (although maybe that's scary). Might be scarier, though, to just introduce myself when you're about to fall asleep on the beach.