Wednesday, June 13, 2007

They Call it a Free Country

This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the right for interracial couples to marry. One day not only will we be able to marry despite the color of our skin, but I look forward to the day we have the right to marry no matter our gender.

At one time, not long ago, I had an Argentine boyfriend who I was very much in love with. We lived together in Buenos Aires, and later traveled the continent of South America. He didn't speak a word of English, but if this country had civil rights for all, I would've brought him back home and married him.

His name is Walter, and he features prominently in my book "You Can Run." (now only $10 here!) Walter's a label queen, needy, a bit of a priss, and I relentlessly dragged him and his precious Gucci through the depths and the dregs of the third world (mostly against his will). Poor thing. For those of you who have read the book, below is Walter, very recently, with his mother Marithe (who saved him from the army) and also his father.

Walter Laruccia in Buenos Aires: he still lives at home.

I recently sent Walter a couple copies of You Can Run, so he could see the drawings he made for it. He has since been hard at work with a Spanish/English dictionary trying to actually read it. Walter is proud of me, and thrilled about being in a book. However, he writes:

"me haces quedar como un puto promiscuo, snob, drogadicto, vago, tonto y retardado.....pero simpatico!"

translation: "You make me look like a a promiscuous gay, a snob, a drug addict, lazy, stupid, and retarded...but friendly!"

Friendly? Who said he was friendly? Walter is, however, unforgettable. And I love him!

Those lips. He didn't even pay for them!


Allen said...

Great to see picture of people in your book. I'm currently reading your book and can't wait to learn more about Walter.

Chad said...

Walter is so cute. Those lips! So not fair...

mich lyon said...

since reading your book (the best travel book ever) last month on the beach in homolulu ... i often wondered what both walter and zane looked like.

walter is just too cute for words! maybe its time for a quick trip to south america?

Anonymous said...

Jesse your book is fantastic. I laugh and think you are a bit crazy. Now I see Walter he looks like Ricky Marten when he was younger. Well as far as the whining. Most Argentines I know would have whined through out your adventure. It is in their blood.