Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Southern Hospitality

"A Four Letter Word" won best gay feature at Q Film Festival in Fort Worth, Texas! Not only that, they treated me like a star! The whole festival staff was tops, and they put me up in a Best Western just outside of town with 1500 square feet of space...all to myself.

Yes, I luxuriated in the "Bill Clinton Penthouse" with a bubbling jacuzzi in the bedroom! The penthouse was oddly located on the ground floor, but it's Texas...they do things different here.

Gazing fondly out across my plantation, er, parking lot.

The Bill Clinton featured two stories filled with 2 showers, an office, walk-in closets, one glass chandelier and a staircase. My co-star Charlie David had an identical suite (the Elvis Presley) right beside me and we agreed--this was very very close to living out a Scarlett O'Hara Southern fantasy. All that was missing was Clark Gable. Him, and a tray of mint juleps.


Scott said...

HI Jesse,
congratulations! thats awesome! wait do we have to call you Miss Archer now? :)


Kyle said...

hey jesse... so glad you liked the room and enjoyed having you here. you will always have the bill clinton suite anytime you come back...