Thursday, June 07, 2007

Red Dare

Hopefully you've all heard of what happened recently in Moscow. The mayor of Moscow has banned any gay pride parade, quelching any visibility or voice for Russian homosexuals.

Activists decided to congregate peacefully and march to city hall to deliver a letter of protest. On the way, as promised, they were violently attacked, just as they were in 2006.
But get this. The police watched as demonstrators were beaten and then...arrested them, not their attackers!

Some prominent members of the European Union were assaulted. The lead Russian activist, Nikolai Alekseev, was also arrested. Sticks and stones may break his bones, but you can't keep a courageous queen down. Phoning from his jail cell, Nikolai declared plans for a Moscow gay pride march next year. I think he's speaking to all of us.

As I prepare to march New York City's pride parade in red hot stilettos, I think it's high time to turn this red scare into a show of solidarity. Let's crash Moscow's forbidden gay pride march.

It's May 31st, 2008. I'm game. Are you?


mich lyon said...

ill march with you anywhere . . . anytime! but, can we stay at a nice hotel until they arrest us?

lwando said...

I feel you Jesse! This is absalute bull! I can't promise I will be in Moscow in May 31st 2008, but I wil say that I stand in solidarity with Russian homosexuals. I think it's more Amazing that they went marching knowing there's a price to pay. We have to be heard, we have to speak Up against INJUSTICE. I think the Russians understand that Silence is some form of consent! Homosexuals Unite!!!