Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pink Ladies

Out Magazine excerpted one whole chapter from my book You Can Run, and put it online at It's the second chapter in the book, entitled "The Pink Lady" about this woman I met with Zane in patagonian Chile. She was ridiculously pathetic in a way (she painted pink all over her tin shack of a home--everything right up to the toilet seat, even her platform shoes!) and yet in her earnest struggle to perservere and win, she could humble a king. Her name was Patricia, and you can read the excerpt here.

After the chapter excerpt at, readers are allowed to post comments. The first comment was from someone who didn't bother to read the excpert from my book. Instead, he took an opportunity to personally bash me. This I take in stride, because I learn things from survivors like Patricia. If you don't have people trying to tear you down, then you don't have people there to encourage you. And if you don't have either, you're probably just not daring enough to paint pink onto a world of grey.

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