Monday, June 18, 2007


I was up at the end of Cape Cod in fabulous Provincetown, Massachusetts this weekend for the film festival (A Four Letter Word screened twice!) where they were honoring none other than Kathleen Turner. I went up, asked her for a photo, and introduced myself.

Kathleen Turner - say my name, say my name.

"My name is Jesse," I tell her, "And you know the first time I heard my own name in a movie was.." and Miss Turner answers before I finish. "Romancing the Stone."

"Yes!" I say. Because it's true, her character in the beginning of Romancing the Stone called out "Jesse....! Jesse....!" over and over (the hero of a novel she was writing). "I know it was just a script, but you read my name with such longing." I tell her because I've had too much to drink. "I was only a kid, but the way you called my name, it made me think I had something to look forward to..."

Kathleen Turner smiled graciously, and quickly disappeared.

Nearby, another festival attendee said he never would ask to take a photo with a star. I said I don't normally, but it's Kathleen Turner--I practically grew up with her, I saw her naked on Broadway...what's a photo? So this guy says he's not a "starfucker" (naturally, implying that I am a starfucker) but he says it nicely, and then he goes on about how he is a publicist for the Tribeca Film Festival and he works with Meryl Streep and Bob Deniro and "they're just people." Halt. He calls me a starfucker, and he just referred to Robert Deniro as "BOB"? I'm sorry. Do they regularly brunch together?

For the rest of the night, I referred to Kathleen Turner as "Katie." And I said it with with longing.


Jason said...

I've yet to meet anyone with a street cred comparable to Kathleen Turner's, however i always insist to have my photo taken with celebs, and i usually pass my camera to their publicist to do it for me. Taking photos with celebs isn't an unheard practice.

I bet that guy just wanted to get your attention. Prob heard you were a blow job instructor.

Anonymous said...

if you know how hard i just laughed...

Anonymous said...

laughing at what? kathleen turner looking like a cabbage patch doll? or jesse's hair being so big?