Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Pride

A glamour shot of the flaming queen (me!) found on wireimage.com

Currently I'm hibernating in full recovery mode from the aftermath of a brutal Gay Pride. I think they call it Pride. Our "Long Live The Queens" effort was terrifically sloppy as we began with an open bar. We ended up barging through the police and into the parade ("We have a permit!") amongst floats for various churches and synagogues.

Imagine Queen Elizabeth drunkenly diving into the asphalt, all 2oo pounds of the Queen Bee wobbling incoherent in a pair of golden leatherette heels, and the Queen of the Jungle crippled into a wheelchair---all to the backdrop of Presbyterian hymns.

"Anita Seatbelt" the Almost Queen (Lady Di-ed) had a steering wheel around her neck, and shards of glass in her hair. As the Presbyterians passed, Anita says to me:

"Some church person just told me they loved me. What should I do?"
I don't know Anita...have another drink?

Despite our behavior along the route, we did manage to get lots of online press. I'll post more photos later, but for now I leave you to the link to the first pic in the NYC gay pride slideshow at nytimes.com.

My flaming queen leads the way in red..with the Queen of Pop in the middle, Queen (Freddy Mercury) to the right, and in the way back left spot Cooldan as the gimpy "Queen of the Jungle" in his wheelchair. Directly behind the Queen of Pop is a turned around Queen Bee, and way back is Lady Died (in elegant ballgown with steering wheel around the neck).
Remember, church people love her.

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Lwando said...

Bush can you handle this, New York can you handle this, the world can you handle this, I don't think you can handle it! ooohh honey! You look ravashing, you look abalutely hot! Now thats what I call a flamming queen! I can't wait to see more of the pics. Honey going at it drunk is the ok! Sobriety is SO overrated. Till next pride, till next pride.

ps. Honey those shoes, fuck those shoes!