Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bits of Pieces

A Four Letter Word had its New York premiere at Newfest to a sell-out crowd!

A Four Letter Word Cast and Director

From Left to Right
JR Rolley
Charlie David
Director Casper Andreas
Jesse Archer
Margaret Echeverria
Alison Lane
Virginia Bryan

At the after-screening Q & A session, I made a plug for my book (which you all must buy because it is fabulous if I do say so myself!) and Casper mentioned his next project, a drama entitled "Between Love & Goodbye." It was also revealed that I'm working on a new script about a fag hag, and Casper says he's more interested in doing serious films, but "Yeah, I told Jesse if his script is any good I'd direct it." Hiss. Honey, who do you think you are? Spielberg?

Our film was selected as the centerpiece for Newfest which meant that there was an after-party included with the price of the ticket. An after party with an open bar. That means today we are collectively cobbling together the fragments of lastnight. The open bar party was held, appropriately enough, at a club called "Pieces."

Me and my co-star Charlie.

Charlie flew in from LA, starred in the film, and ended his night lost in the East Village and puking over a construction sign. He drunk-texted his friend that he was lost, and the friend texted back: "GET IN A CAB" which Charlie hour and a half later.

Best of all, Charlie has a photo shoot this morning. Good luck with that.

Post-Pieces, the rest of us went to "Marie's Crisis" piano bar- the most dependable of West Village bars, here where heaving sweaty strangers gather to sing showtunes. Here you can't go wrong, but somehow we did.

Cooldan (drinking, holding his crutches) still has a broken foot. He couldn't be bothered with the five stairs down into Marie's, so he lifted his crutches laterally believing they were wings. He fell down all five stairs. Bam Bam (right) feeds him a cocktail in commiseration. That poor foot. It will never heal.

Martina (left) I had to heave into a cab myself, asking her "Are you sure you know what address to tell the cabbie?" and making sure to note the cab's license plate, just in case she turns up missing.
Aaron (in red) somehow went home without his keys. "Do you have my keys?" he texted me later from Brooklyn. "I do have your keys!" I found them in my pockets. Aaron texts back, "You have my keys? It must have been a good night." Indeed.

Behind the camera, the masses raise their voices in a rousing rendition of "My favorite things."


Anonymous said...

the hair is pretty up puffy

Casper said...

Did I really say that? How rude!! What I meant was that I would love to direct it! Of course the script will be brilliant. All your writing is. xo

Anonymous said...

Jesse is a creative sparkling genius!!!

Javier said...

Poor Dan! What is he going to do for Pride? Will we be carting around our Queen Bee?