Friday, June 22, 2007

Filthmaster and Acolyte

In Provincetown last week, John Waters (director of filthy, fabulous films like "Pink Flamingos," "Hairspray" and "Female Trouble") curated a gallery exhibit opening entitled "elimination." The press release stated how English has many different uses for the word eliminate, but as one may imagine with John Waters, this exhibit focused on the digestive process of elimination. Featured were unique works of art, like this sculpture of a fruit bowl that masterfully metastasizes into a big pile of shit (below).

Who doesn't have space in their kitchen to hang this? On a diet? Art can help curb your appetite.

The elimination exhibition has something for every room in your home! Want to freshen up your den? Consider hanging this drawing of the itsy bitsy spider. Oh wait, I was squinting. That's no spider --it's a healthy puckering anus.

Look, Ma. No hemmorhoids!

This particular piece reminds me of a line I wrote and performed in "A Four Letter Word." The scene takes place at a sex shop where Luke (me) is dusting shelves of pornography. He picks up a DVD with a cover not unlike this drawing, and says to his co-worker Zeke (Corey Grant):
"Hey, I think I know that guy."
"That's just a picture of an asshole."
"Yeah, I think I slept with it."

Finally, we have me with the curator Mr. John Waters. Look at me shamelessly promoting my book You Can Run. "John Waters, I just published this book, which is for sale in the Now, Voyager bookstore across the book is filthy, but not nearly as filthy as you are."

John Waters did not buy my book.


Anonymous said...

what the hell is with your hair? looks like someone jiffy popped your head..time for a new doo..

christie owens said...

I saw Pink Flamingoes MANY years ago...I remember being so disturbed by it I couldnt get it out of my head for DAYS.

Javier said...

I agree with anonymous. You look like a 70's porn star in this picture. Not sure if it's the glasses, the hair or the sleeveless shirt. John Waters must not have realized who you were.