Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dick Dock Sob Story

Nightlife in Provincetown must get awfully repetitive for the locals. Party at the Crown & Anchor, go dance at the A-House. Everything closes at 1am, and then everyone heads to drunkenly gobble down pizza at Spiritus. If they haven't yet passed out and are feel the least bit randy, they head to gobble up the strangers under the Boatslip deck-- known colloquially as "Dick Dock."

Late night, strangers can be found getting their anonymous groove on. It's like the 1970's all over again.

Exhibit A: the gay male species in their natural environment.

My partner in crime Cooldan was with me last weekend. Dick Dock is a little cramped, and Dan is on crutches. "Do you think I can fit under Dick Dock?" he implores, and I figure we should give it a whirl. "Sure!"

The tide was quickly coming in, getting his crutches wet, but the cripple managed to hobble under the dock with the boys. After a little exploration of my own, I find Cooldan sitting down and smoking. "Why aren't you mingling?" I ask him, and he's a bit down. "Everytime I approach the crowd, people move out of the way." People see crutches, and it's some kind of reflex: make way for the cripple.

"For once I just want people to stay and surround me, but they all move aside." Dan laments. "I mean, where do they think I'm trying to go?!"

No love for the handicap.

Please note a fast approaching tide.


ninabit said...

i love this entry.
looks like there's no love for crips in this crowd either...

Javier said...

LOL!! OH God. So funny.

Dop said...

I'm shocked no one wanted gimp sex. Poor Dan.

Dwight Supremacy said...

Too funny! Love it. said...

WTF?!? I wouldn't have stood aside. Da-amn, Cool Dan is foin! I'd have dropped to my knees and blown him the moment he made his way down.

Feel free to give him my contact info.!

Gypsy Rose Lee said...

I have been camping in P-Town for several decades and not once have I ever gone to the Dick Dock. No thank you madam...I prefer to see what I'm eating. I have a husband who is gone all week and I have no trouble...even at my age, getting a date for the evening even IF it is just for dinner. If that doll's friend had half a brain he would have left him on a bench and he would have been picked up in minutes if not seconds! Not all of us were made to crawl in the sand!! Hugs.....Dennis