Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Book Release Tonight

I have a gorgeous STYE in my eye, just in time for tonight's release party for my book "You Can Run." If you're in NYC, come on over to Vlada (331 West 51st between 8th and 9th) in Hell's Kitchen. If I'm wearing sunglasses inside the bar, you know why: I'm too sexy for my stye. I'll be whoring myself from 9 to midnight. Which is actually a short shift for me.

I haven't used this blog as a platform for sales, but I need your help! The time has come to coerce, convince, and otherwise plead with all you blog readers to support me and BUY MY BOOK HERE! It sparkles, it inspires, it will make you thankful for flush toilets.

The price is nearly $20 on Amazon, but the hardback (on the same Amazon page--look for the small print) is only $16. That's not even the price of two martinis. Two martinis last twenty minutes, You Can Run will last a lifetime. Especially for those of you who still struggle with reading.

Below is a synopsis which I didn't write, my publisher did. They're also responsible for putting my nipple on the cover of the book.

You Can Run: Gay, Glam, and Gritty Travels in South America follows the intrepid and fantastic--and totally true--adventures of flamboyant gay men through the gritty rough and tough of South America. Author Jesse Archer and his American boyfriend Zane spent nearly two years traveling the continent in search of adventure. And find it they did.

Discover incredible individuals like the Wolfman of Borneo, Santusa the fanged Chola of a different color, and Patricia the pink lady. Thrill to the astounding experiences of dodging crocodiles, doing a striptease for a Colombian bathroom bitch, admiring exultant transsexuals caught in a rainstorm, and navigating the most dangerous road in the world. This wild travel chronicle takes you through the real South America with wit, wisdom--and a hot pink wig!

They forgot to mention my torrid love affair with a plantain banana, and the time I bought cocaine inside a Bolivian prison. But thank heaven my overexposed nipple is on the cover!? Come tonight, and I'll flash it. You can even take pictures with it. This nipple is now seeking representation.


Anonymous said...

Come on people buy the book, you won't regret it. It's a fabulous read and you won't believe some of the bizarre shit that occurs. Leave it to Jesse to get himself into predicaments no one else has ever thought of!! You're in for a good read. ~todd

Anonymous said...

i bought it a week or two ago and really enjoyed it!

Eddie said...

Just bought it!! I always intended to. Can't wait. Have fun tonight!!

mich lyon said...

does your nipple have a name? it seems so impersonal to keep referring to it/him/her in the third person

Lee Prinz said...

Ladies and Gentlemen I can report that Mr. Archer had a fantastic evening, so much so that he completely wrecked his voice and now sounds like a drag queen after a week-long bender.

smoochies hon....still waiting for my copy of the book.

Anonymous said...

i have a reccomendation for the name(s) of your nipples - mary kate and ashley. largely, as they are small, look alike and reside in lower manhattan.