Thursday, May 03, 2007

OUT May issue

If you got a chance to see my column in this month's OUT magazine, you've read one of my most embarrassing moments. It's the tale of a seduction gone all wrong--traveling the third world where there are no gays, and this one time last year where I made a miserable misjudgment with this kid Brendan.

This time the copywriters at out got zealous and tinkered a lot with my words. They rearranged sentences, switched a couple words, took out sections. Here's a chunk they deleted:

Brendan is not exactly prime material. I mean, I’ve fucked prettier, and he has a chewed off ear lobe which I won’t even ask about. But he’s lean, adventurous, and most importantly…he’s here. We simply must celebrate (naked) at our having found the other last unicorn.

They also took out the part where I explain why I was petrified. As I ran from Brendan, I was afraid because I knew I'd see him the next day..and then what? Would he tell on me?

It's so frustrating to read what you've written and see it tinkered with. I understand that artistic endeavors are often a collaborative effort, but you'd think they could check with me first. It's the same problem I had with the film A Four Letter Word--I won some battles and lost some battles creatively. And with my book, I had to make certain concessions to the publisher--you think I wanted my nipple on the cover?!

Artists must be somewhat malleable; not too rigid. It's the same in everday life -too little consideration for others, and we're tyrants. A dash of cooperation and collaboration is required for any life well lived, or art well made.


Eddie said...

nipple, trimmed chest hair, what does it matter -- you're all sexy!

Anonymous said...


You do have your nipple on the cover, but like the previous commentator who cares. You are sexy, cute, intelligent, and don't they know sex sells. I am hoping to have your book by tomorrow. Looking forward to reading.

Always your loyal fan,

mich lyon said...

i think i first saw that nipple on 5th avenue in new york city during the gay pride parade and later in the movie 'slutty summer' . . . its a pretty famous nipple.

Javier said...

Their first choice for the cover was your member lying over the buns of an amazonian native, but they thought that might limit the number of stores it could be sold in.

ALSO....JESSE'S MOVIE ROCKED! Saw A Four Letter Word this weekend and he was great! Beautiful story twith a variety of characters dealing with love in their own way. Jesse's thoughtful musings and playful quips keep the film moving and groovin'. Congratulations to you, Jasper and everyone who worked on it. (Including Cool Dan - See if you can spot him!)

Casper said...

Darling Jesse! I totally understand that you get upset when the copywriters change your words in your column, but I don't agree with you comparing that to the scipt for A FOUR LETTER WORD which was a collaborative writing job between us.