Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh My God, You Guys!

I caught LEGALLY BLONDE, the musical on Broadway last week. Despite the "not everyone is as they seem" sweet message, it's as weighty as pink cotton candy. As if you didn't know that.

There were some catchy tunes, starting off with "Oh my god, Oh my god you guys!" I hate to admit, this one is STILL stuck in my head. Later, on the witness stand a hot stud is wearing a colorful silk button down and tight jeans, and they all sing the fun "Is he gay or European?" (answer: he's gay and European).

At one point in the second act, Elle Woods takes a belabored fifteen minutes to sing about buying her new man a suit. Funny enough, it took her only half a minute of another dull song to get a good enough score on her LSAT to land her in Harvard Law. (hint: skip a party or two). So when this guy finally appears in his new suit (big deal, right?) are we impressed? Am I supposed to clap at his ugly blue suit? Clearly he's not gay OR european. He's a car salesman.

I'm sorry to say the choreography was so-so. To think what they could've done with the "Bend & Snap!" number They could've KNOCKED THAT OUT. They didn't. Nevertheless, the show is entertaining. And the bubbly exuberant Laura Bell Bundy just got a Tony nod.

This is more than we can say for the entire production of the Pirate Queen (reviewed here recently). Despite a talented cast of dancers, fun costumes, and what I hear are generous and wonderful producers, you can whip a dead horse and a bad story but but you both only make you cringe.

Legally Blonde is eye candy, and a crowd pleaser (read: created for tourists). It will play for years.


Alexander said...

They apparently will make a broadway show out of anything- the movie itself wasnt even that good.

Chad said...

"Legally Blonde the musical opened on Broadway last weekend. It's a can't miss for anyone who'd like to see the movie again for 200 bucks." --David Spade