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Newfest Centerpiece 2007

Here's a great article on our film A Four Letter Word, with director Casper Andreas, taken from this week's NEXT MAGAZINE (

Relax…It’s Just Love

Casper Andreas returns for a randy round two with NewFest’s Centerpiece film A Four Letter Word.

Fans of Casper Andreas’ Slutty Summer will have a new word on their lips as the 19th annual NewFest LGBT film festival kicks off at the end of the month. Not so much a sequel as a spin-off, A Four Letter Word promises more of Luke, Marilyn and Peter’s adventures dealing with dating, love and relationships (and sex!) through the gay bars and bedrooms of New York. We caught up with busy Andreas on his way to Boston to dish about his latest gay offering.

Congrats on your second film! What lessons from making Slutty Summer did you apply to making this?
We spent more time on the script and, thanks to a much bigger budget, we had better equipment, more crew members, and were able to make a much moreprofessional looking film.Filmmaking is a craft that one hopefully gets better at doing, so although I love Slutty Summer, I think A Four Letter Word is the better movie.

How was writing the script with Jesse Archer?
Jesse is a very witty person, an amazing writer and probably wrote the funniest lines in the film, while I wrote most of the romantic, tender moments. I don’t think either of us could have written it alone.

With all its “New Yorkyness,” how can queers in the boondocks relate to this film?
Everyone everywhere is dealing with dating and relationship issues.It’s a lot about how one identifies oneself as a gay man and what that means.

It’s so trendy to “play gay” these days. Did finding out gay actors at all enter your casting process?
I’m very excited to have three out-and-proud actors in leading roles: Jesse Archer, Charlie David and J.R. Rolley. Generally I think gay actors have a better understanding and can be more truthful about the life we’re describing, plus out actors don’t mind sexuality questions. But, of course, I cast the actors who nailed the auditions.

So, everyone’s favorite topic: sex! Is it spicey?
AFLW has frontal nudity!When we were promoting Slutty Summer, I always got the question, “Why isn’t there any frontal nudity?” I didn’t realize how important that was to gay audiences. Now I know better!

Have any advice for aspiring gay filmmakers?
Make a movie! If you see gay films and you say to yourself, “I can do that better!” then do it. That’s how I started. All you need is a digital camera and a computer. I made my short film Mormor’s Visit for less than $1000 and Slutty Summer had a shooting budget of only $15,000… and, of course, you should cast me! [Laughs]

Is monogamous love possible for gay men? Do we need to be bound to that standard?
I don’t think anyone needs to be bound by that standard. In this day and age it’s a choice everyone has to make for themselves. But I do believe it’s possible. Of course it is! All you have to do is make the decision and stick with it.

Are there cultural differences dating in Sweden or are gay men sluts the world over?
Going home to Stockholm, I’ve found that gay guys there are much more often in long-term relationships than in New York. However, when I investigated further I also found that a lot of them had sex outside of the relationship, but usually didn’t talk about it—but that could be a total generalization!

What’s your favorite four-letter word?
I will have to go with “love.” That’s just the type of guy I am.

So are you already on to your next project?
Yes! I’m very excited to shoot my third feature this summer. It’s a gay drama called Between Love & Goodbye. We’re shooting all over New York in September, so anyone who’s interested in being extras or will allow us to shoot in their apartment contact me at!

A Four Letter Word screens on Sat, June 9. NewFest 2007: The 19th New York LGBT Film Festival runs May 31–June 10. Visit, for more info.

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