Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Miami World Premiere

I'm still crashing from a wild wild ...was it a whole week in Miami? For the record, I only got kicked out of one more bar. But before I fully recover, here's a quick recap of Friday night:

"A Four Letter Word" had its world premiere at an outdoor screening at the South Beach Flamingo with over 500 people in attendance. Miami weather conspired to make it a fantastic success!

Check out more pics from the festival's website. (scroll down half way, and then all the way to the bottom).

I sat surrounded by friends, costars and co-conspirators, producers and director. It's a strange thing to watch yourself up there, and I became worried that the big me on screen may forget his lines. Strange sensation.

Also strange - Casper Andreas (director) and I spoke afterward about how some of the lines in the film we didn't think were funny got laughs, and other lines we thought for sure were funny didn't. You just never can tell. One thing that's for sure is the film got great feedback, lots of press, and we're playing at a ton more festivals coming up in the next few months--(I'll be in Ft. Worth, Provincetown, Honolulu...just to name a few) So check out www.afourletterwordmovie.com to see if we'll be near you.

Me with Alison Lane ( the fantastic lesbian barracuda "Trisha" of A Four Letter Word) at the closing party.

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